Thursday, June 26, 2008

Family night.

I was so surpised when Los twittered on Monday that they were having a Christmas themed Family night....THAT WAS MY IDEA FOR THIS WEEK! The girls had been talking about it for a week! Wed. was exactly 6 months until Christmas.

I decided to go ahead and do it anyway. And I'm so glad I did. We had a great time. First we put up our stockings that were filled with a few small treats. I LOVE our stockings. Grandma Wally taught me how to do them. They're 3-D and full of sequins & beads. So cute!

Next we made ornaments out of paint sticks. They turned out so cute. We even made a few extras.
The extra ornaments were personalized for our neighbors. We handed them out while we were out Christmas Caroling! They all had a HUGE smile on their faces seeing the girls at their door! Except poor Michelle who was out wrangling her 4 boys. We just sang to her in the street!

We came home and had a FULL ON Christmas dinner. I got a picture of the turkey & gravy...but we ate the rest too fast.

We followed it up by watching The Santa Claus 3 in the basement. I've been trying to keep track of how much I spend on these nights...Christmas night's total was JUST UNDER $4. I already had the food, it was just the small treats & the library movie rental. I already had the paint & hubby got the paint sticks from work!

If you do a family night, leave a comment...I'd love to check it out!!!


T said...

Great idea!

MCC said...

For those of you emailing me, telling me that my bird is upside down...I purposely cook it that way. Here are my reasons 1) The dark meat needs to cook at a hotter temp. 2)All the juice from the dark meat runs down to the white meat so it isn't dry!

Try's delicious.

Mishababy said...

Left this on WhittakerWoman's blog...thought I would share with you too. :-)

Just an idea for you for your family night. I don't do these...unfortunately, I have teenagers!! LOL!!!

Summer Olympics!! Since they are coming up, you could probably do it closer to August (I think that's when they are coming). You could have some types of competitions and everyone gets a medal!! You can describe and talk about the different sports that are in the Olympics and how all the different countries get together and train their very best to compete. Which also could lend to learning about the different countries and their flags and languages and where they are on the map of the world.


just a suggestion! :-)

Lisa said...

Great fun! Seth and I have always talked about cooking a turkey upside down, but haven't ever done it. Not sure why though.

Shanda said...

Oh, I was just thinking I've spent way too much on family nights lately. I'm going to force myself to reign it back in. Ours is tonight and in honor of ER visit this week.

Billie said...

AWESOME idea! I think I'll try that one soon. I'm loving these family nights, I tell ya!