Thursday, June 5, 2008

Throwback Thursday

I had to put this pic in B&W because the part around my face was so dark. You get a better image in B&W.
Awwww.....this car brings back some great memories. It was a cream colored 1969 Bug. The license plate said "gruven" and I had 2..count them..2 Panasonic 6x9's in the back. Oh yeah!
I ended up having my name in cursive (on vinyl) stuck in the back window and I put on some wheels....I miss that car.
I was a Junior in HS here (1993). And wearing way too much makeup....


Lisa said...

That was such a cool car. I loved that you had a bug. I always wanted one and was so excited when you let me look at the inside (I can't remember if we ever went for a ride in it).

I always wondered who rang the camel bells.

The built in sandbox was the best. My parents and I were just talking about that the other day! What a great house with great memories!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. This is perfect.

When I had a vision for Throwback Thursday, THIS is what I had hoped for.

You officially have created the perfect post for TT.

Thank you Mandy. Thank you.

(this is just too funny still)

The Tone Guru said...

We graduated the same year. However, my car was much less cool. I had an 84 Olds Cutlass 2 door in doodoo brown. I hope there aren't any pictures of that floating around anywhere!

Amy Storms said...

I graduated in 94, too! Small world.

Thanks for the comment. Today my son said, "Sooo, what's with all the rocks?" :)

joshua said...

it's unfortunate in this day and age that even deleting a post doesn't get rid of the feeds that have been delivered ;-). nevertheless, in regards to the post about obama...

don't ever believe those stupid emails.

MCC said...

Thanks Joshua, for the link. That's why I deleted it.

Facts are hard to come by aren't they? We forget to include the info about what preceded the quote & what followed the quote.

Thanks again.

World's Greatest Mommy said...

You look gorgeous, and I'm totally jealous of your car. We're thinking of buying one of these as our second car. My husband knows how to work on them (and loves them). He just needs something simple for a 15-20 minute commute. Unfortunately, public transportation has been less than reliable for us.