Thursday, June 19, 2008

Throwback Thursday

This week I had a hard time scanning pics in, so you're getting one that was already downloaded.
This pic is from 1978. My Mom always made these short little dresses for my ruffly bum would show.

I'm sure I was out visiting the neighbors. I spent most of my time socializing w/ the old folks in our hood.

Leave a comment letting me know if you're participating in Throwback Thursday. I love to check it out!!!


Jeff Bell said...

What a cool pic. Artsy - great take for back in the 70s! Is this in Oregon?

MCC said...

Jeff - Yes, this is in Cottage Grove OR out front of our little house (that my Dad still owns).

I love looking at these old pics mostly because my Mom made all the dresses!

Amy Storms said...

You look just like your daughter! Cute!!

World's Greatest Mommy said...

What a doll! This photo could be a print, it's very interesting visually. Your dress is so sweet!

Scott Fillmer said...

Great pic, I love the car behind you, that says it all :)

Brad Ruggles said...

That's a great picture. There's just something about older pictures that are cool.

I need to get a scanner to pull some of mine old pictures in. My parents were shutterbugs so I have literally BOXES of old photos.

I used to be so cute as a kid...*sigh*