Thursday, February 21, 2008

30 Day Sex Challenge

A church in Tampa Florida has announced a new series at their church. It's called "The 30 Day Sex Challenge". They are encouraging single folks to be abstinent for 30 days and married folks to have sex every day for 30 days.

I'm all for building strong relationships & this is a great idea for people who really struggle in this area of their marriages. My only suggestion is maybe change the name to "The 22-23 Day Sex & 7-8 Day Massage Challenge". Is their church full of post menopausal women? Cause someone sure didn't think about those of us under the age of 50.

My guess - the idea came from a man. Good idea, just needs a little tweakin'.


Jen Cook said...

I saw this too, I think it was a man's idea.......

Briggie said...

found your site from your post at rocks in my dryer for wfmw and this is just too funny! shannon (the host of wfmw) has another site the diaper diaries and she has given the same challenge and while i am peri-menopausal (have been since i was 36, i'm now 48 i still get wffl (worst friend for life) and there is NO WAY that challenge is gonna go over well here! i like your take on it but mine would be more like 7 days of sex, 23 days of massage!!!!