Friday, February 1, 2008

Thursday night tv

I was so excited for Thursday night tv!

First, the return of LOST. This is a show that I loved when it first came out, then it turned too sci-fi. Then I fell in love with it again. I had so many questions after last season finale and only a few were answered last night. What did I expect? They can't answer them all in one episode.

Next, the premiere of Eli Stone. It's about an attorney at a big law firm in San Fran. He has visions...funny ones. I can see this show being one of my absolute favorites this year. I tend to love legal shows anyway, but this one really is good. I laughed a lot and cried a little. You can't blame me for crying. A man with a brain aneurysm....that hit too close to home.


Wawa said...

Lost was excellent. I love all the layers and thinking. I haven't finished watching Eli Stone yet, it looked really good.

MCC said...

It was cute. Not intense like LOST, but I can't usually sleep after LOST. I have to watch something light hearted before trying to sleep.

Heather Stevens said...

Mucho gracious Senora!!!
Thank you very much!!
My parents watched LOST, did you enjoy how it was really only one hour of 'new'...i didn't watch it, my parents wont let me:) but they were disapointed!!

MCC said...

Yes Heather, it was disappointing that there was really only one hour of "new" episode, but I do love the show. I was hoping that some of my questions from last season would be answered, but now I just have more questions.