Monday, February 25, 2008

Most embarrassing moment

Judy Gregory just put up a post asking for people's most embarassing stories. I have several, but this was the cleanest one.

I was on an airplane with a group of about 30 women, heading to a Mary Kay convention from OR to Dallas. We were all dressed professionally. I wore a cute skirt, blouse & hose. I sat in an aisle seat and of course the man in the middle had to get up to use the restroom. As I stood up, the elastic broke in my skirt, only I didn't notice. All of my colleagues started laughing and pointing. The 50+ year old man just smiled at me. I didn't notice until I felt a little draft from the man heading down the aisle to use the potty. =P

I was desperately wishing that I had chosen to wore a slip, and undies with more coverage.

PLEASE - leave your embarrassing stories in my comments. No limit! The more laughter the better.

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