Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February 13, 1994

On this day 14 years ago, my Mom & I were hanging out at Creswell Care Center. My Great Grandma Aimee was living there. She wasn't really sick, just suffering from old age. She was 89.

Grandma said she was feeling ok, so Mom and I went to McDonald's to eat. She ordered her usual Filet o' Fish no cheese. I ordered a Chicken McGrill. We shared a large fry, no salt and added pepper. I know none of this matters to you (good memories for me), but it's my blog and I'll write what I want!

Anyway, after we ate, we went back to the nursing home and found that while we were gone for 60 minutes, Grandma died. We were so shocked. Although she was 89, she was very active. She owned a mink ranch in Oregon for years. We have video of her pelting minks in a dress. She attended church every Sunday, the beauty salon every Saturday and lucky number Tuesday.

My Mom lived with Grandma for several years while her parents were divorcing. I never lived with Grandma but spent a lot of time there.

She kept me busy cleaning, cooking, crafting and lots of shopping. We would play hymns on the piano. We watched Richard Simmons together. She followed along in her chair while I stood up and excercised. We ate a Golden Delicious apple every day at 2 pm. She only bought Fleischman's spread to put on her fresh baked bread (every day). She drove a 1959 Lincoln that had a huge arm rest in the back. She told me it was the "Princess seat". She bought me whatever I wanted out of the Sears catalog. Grandma had an old hutch that was full of sweets. Each family had their own drawer that was full, I mean FULL, of sweets. Ding dongs, ho-ho's, M&M's, Snickers, you name it. When I was sick, she'd bring me 7up and Oreos. I can still here her laugh and smell her perfume. I really miss her.

I wish my girls had someone in their life that took such an interest.


Heather Stevens said...

I'm babysitting valentines day, but i have nothing on friday!!

Heather Stevens said...

aww, I liked that story:) Were you just thinking about her when you wrote this?? And is that your grandma in the picture? Are you guys doing anything special on Valentines day??

Lisa said...

Grandma was great wasn't she. I wish that I could have known her better - I was still pretty young when she died. I remember how soft her hands were though.

MCC said...

Heather - Yes, that's Grandma Aimee in the picture wearing a silver fox she raised on her farm. I thought of her all day. Not only because the anniversary of her passing, but I went shopping today. That was one of her favorite things to do.

Lisa - I remember how little you were at the nursing home. You were so brave to go in a visit her body. I could only do it for a minute and had to leave. She did have soft hands...