Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

This is NOT one of my favorite holidays. If my husband brought me flowers or's almost grounds for divorce in my book. I've always hated flowers and jewelry. In fact, I don't have my ears pierced. That's how much I hate jewelry. I do wear a ring, but that's it.

I once received a Toyota Supra for Valentine's Day. Now THAT'S a hard gift to top. The link is to one just like mine. Same leather, targa top, & spoiler. I really miss that car.

Here is my list of acceptable gifts for Valentine's Day or any other special occasion:

*Godiva Chocolate Ballotin
*A Day at the spa
*A new purse
*Wheels & tires
*A car
*Art work
*Dinner out
*Cold Stone
*A new book
*New slippers
*Taking out the trash

My husband is so understanding. He doesn't even attempt to buy me flowers anymore. To me, nothing says "You're no more special than any other woman on the planet", like flowers. Yick.

Some of the things on my list I'll probably never receive. But a girl can dream can't she?


Jen Cook said...

you make me laugh. Marty told me he didn't know what to get me, so he supposedly out money in a card.....un hello, "grandma jean". Love the car you want though!

MCC said...

That's what my hubby did too. Not creative, but fun to have extra cash!