Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dump day

*I surprised Cyra at school
*I told her we were going to the movies
*Yes..Hannah Montana!
*I ironed all day before we went
*I mean ALL day
*Who owns so many shirts?
*My hubby does
*I ironed 19 of them today
*I also planned a field trip
*for scouts
*It rained ice balls today
*That's what Kenady called them
*Then it snowed
*IN weather stinks
*OR weather stinks too
*Left at 3 for HM
*We were the 1st people there
*Butterfinger minis...Mmmm
*Gummi Bears....nasty
*Afterwards, my belly ached
*Until midnight or so.
*I need tums
*Did I feel this way when I drank soda all day?
*I think so
*Man, I'm glad I quit
*Only 309 days
*Until Disneyworld
*Yes, I'm a planner
*We'll be there over Christmas
*I've heard it's at capacity by 11 am
*We'll be skipping the Magic Kingdom that day
*I'm thinking water park instead
*Typhoon lagoon? or Blizzard Beach?
*Nothing says Christmas like 80 degrees and a swimsuit!
* Look - it's a hidden Mickey °o°


Heather Stevens said...

How did your girls like Hannah??? Was it awesome!! We loved it too, although the 3d hurt my eyes after awhile!!
We'll have to share stories tomorrow at church:)
I'll see you later!!!

MCC said...

The 3D hurt my eyes at the beginning, but they got used to it. We loved it. There were only 30people there. We all sang and waved our hands. It was really fun.

Heather Stevens said...

wow!! The theatre was PACKED when we went!! And, it was completely silent, there were tons of little kids, but i'm pretty sure it's louder in a movie then it was during that concert!!