Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cold Coco

My little Pomeranian Cora Estelle (Coco for short) was so pumped to go outside yesterday. I let her out and she just ran around the yard. She's learning to tunnel through the snow, but hasn't quite figured it out yet. About 10 minutes after I let her out, I whistled for her to come back in. I opened up the door and this is what I found.

Her entire underbelly was coverd with huge snow balls. It looked like someone hot glued foam balls to her chest, legs, and tummy. The biggest was about 3 inches long. It took over and hour for them all to melt and I found little puddles of water all over the house. Isn't she sweet?


Heather Stevens said...

Aww!! Coco's soo cute!!
Thanks for coming in to the Garden Patch after church today, and tell your girls thanks for the cards..that was so sweet!!
I was thinking, myabe i should just give you my email address, since we comment on each other's blogs so much...:) mine is
I'll talk to you later!!!!
Love, Heather

Heather Stevens said...

oookk, i was reading your profile, and i saw on your favorite books, you have To Kill a Mockingbird...We are reading that book right now in English, at first i thought it would be horrible and boring, but i actually like it...And, that was your random fact for the day:)

Jen Cook said...

Cute!!!! I never knew they could get snow balls in their fur! you must have a lot of snow!