Monday, February 25, 2008

Crying in church

I love worship at our church. They put so much effort into the entire GCC experience, and it shows. The music last week was amazing. Livin on a Prayer in church? YES! It was so good....

I don't think I've cried while listening to Livin on a Prayer since it played on MTV in the 80's.
Each morning I would leave early for school and walk to our neighbor's house. The Bouche family had MTV, we did not. My family NEVER had cable....cheapskates. We would wait as long as possible (and then run to school) so we could watch the #1 video from the day before. It was Bon Jovi for several weeks. I cried from pure joy watching him perform in his tight red leather pants. Oooooo.....he looked good.

Anyway, the music at church is similar. I don't think I cry from the actual song. I think I cry from watching people (on stage & off) doing something we both love...worship.

You know, people can buy the latest record (ok, I'm dating myself) for $10 on itunes and listen to it at home, or they can spend $100 and listen to it once at a concert.

Why do so many people go to concerts? Because it's the pure joy of having a whole entire room full of people who love the exact same thing you love. This is how church feels for me.

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