Thursday, February 14, 2008

Compassion International

So, I'm still following the trip of the 15 bloggers sent to Uganda for Compassion International. They have posted so many pics and stories of their experiences. There are very few of the posts that don't bring me to tears. The videos wreck me.

I started thinking about sponsoring. We've considered it before, but have always had other projects on our plate. Most recently, we've committed to giving money to the church to add on as well as fund a Community center. We also are participating in the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace curriculum. That in itself is a lot of commitment. I feel like our budget is organized the way we know it should be, so we can continue to give to the project and stay on track for Financial Freedom. But then I thought "Maybe I'm just too comfortable." "Maybe I'm making excuses."

We've looked through the photos and bios of many children that need sponsored. We've read stories about the vast differences in a family where one child is sponsored and the other siblings aren't. Ross said that he could not let only one be sponsored...we would have to do all of the siblings. Wait, does that mean we have to wait even longer to sponsor?

I really need to pray about this. It's tugging on my heart. Take a look at the pictures. You just can't stop the lump from collecting in your throat, or the tears from coming. These children live in 6x6 huts, have lost parents to AIDS, have no bathroom facilities, minimal food, sometimes no shoes. To think that I'm worried about my comfort level is sickening.

Not only would $32 dollars make a difference in the life of a child, I think it could make a difference in the life of your family. I encourage you to check out Compassions page. You can look at pics of kids in need. You can search for a kid that has the same birthday as your own. There is a lot of information about the areas that are being helped.

I've seen pictures before, but for some reason it's different this time...maybe I'm different this time.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! just read through a bunch of your posts for the first time. Thought I'd comment on this one. I followed the bloggers too and felt lead to sponsor... And, I have to say that it has been wonderful. I'm on a tight budget, but God makes it work out and I have found room to share what I have more.

Also, if I remember correctly, Compassion only sponsors one child per family, so you wouldn't be able to sponsor more than one sibling, but it would lift the burden off the guardian(s) and therefore benefit all of the siblings. And you could probably include notes and pictures for the siblings as well.

Your girls are beautiful! I've always thought it would be fun to have all girls! Good luck!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stories!