Monday, February 18, 2008

Knight Rider has returned

Ok - so the acting is not great. But I like the new extension of the old show. It was fun to see the old Michael Knight show up for a guest appearance. Hey - don't hassel the hoff.

Michael Tracer is oh so cute. Not to mention the car (insert angelic singing here). It made me think about another one of my dream cars. I've already mentioned the Lotus Elise. There's also the Saleen S7R or the Lambourghini Gallardo (more my dream for Ross). Ross & I have 2 pictures of the Saleen in our basement signed by THE Steve Saleen. A gift from Larry Chapman..thank Larry.

But the ultimate is the GT500E. I know, this is everyone's dream. Maybe not women, but surely men. And although is probably must be gun metal grey with black rally stripes.

Check it out.

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Heather Stevens said...

:) :) yeah, but I think Cambell definetly has curlier hair than mine was!! I grew out of that fast, like by the time i was 5 or something...I don't know for sure though:)