Friday, February 22, 2008

It's finger lickin' good

I LOVE fried chicken. It takes some planning, but is one of the best dinners (in my opinion).

Here is my recipe for fabulous fried chicken

I soak my chicken pieces in a mixture of 2 C. buttermilk, seasoning salt, pepper, garlic & paprika. These are all "to taste"...I like spicy. It's best if you can soak overnight!

About a half hour before you're going to fry - roll the pieces in a mixture of the same spices above, only mixed with 2 C. bisquick instead of buttermilk.

Here's the kicker - dip the flour coated pieces BACK into the buttermilk, and add another layer of flour! You'll get a much thicker crust that way. Mmmmm.....fry as usual, making sure the pieces don't touch in your fryer. (I'll add pics later tonight, if I remember)

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