Monday, February 11, 2008

Cyra's pics

Cyra got a digital camera for her birthday (August). She had the best time snapping photos of whatever she could find! She takes pics of people, but often her pics are of "stuff". Here are a few.

Self portrait
Autumn's sandals
Tree in our front yard
My foot print
Kenady dancing to HSM2
A view from Cyra's room
Campbell on the phone
The flag at Nancy's
Morita loving Campbell.


Michelle Wegner said...

Love the footprint! Oh to see things through a child's eyes!

Heather Stevens said...

yup, Cyra is definetly gonna be a photographer when she grows up, those pix are great!! My faves are the; Cyra, Kenady dancing, Cambell on the phone:)
....A singing photographer, she can sing while taking world famous pictures!!!