Thursday, February 28, 2008

Advice from Mom

I was talking to my sister in law Jennifer earlier today. We were discussing some things about my Mom, some positive, some not so positive. I started thinking about all the advice she had given me growing up. Again, some positive, some not so positive.

She used to tell me "the way to your family's heart is through their stomach." So true in our family!
When someone was mean to me at school, she'd said "Kill 'em with kindness." Yeah, ok. Not easy for a 10 y.o. It usually worked short term. But years later, I realized that I never learned to resolve conflicts, just to lay down and become a door mat.
Regarding shopping for (in my opinion) un-needed items, she'd say "It's better to ask for forgiveness than to beg for permission." Ummm...not such good advice. She had been married for many, many years with a totally different life ahead of her. I was newly married, new baby, not a good idea to be buying new...everything.
"You must buy good bras!" oh so true Mom - now that's good advice.

Any advice your Mom gave you (or mother in law) that was either useful or a bunch of bull honky?
Weren't we cute in 1977?


Heather Stevens said...

Is that baby you?? Or are you the lady standing up?

MCC said...

The picture is from 1977...I'm the baby. It was taken in the backyard at our house in Oregon. People do say we kind of look alike

Jen Cook said...

Love that picture of you and your mom!!
Well, your mom told me "Cats have kittens in cupboards everyday" a week before I had nicholas and was Very nervous about it.
my mom said kill em with kindness as well....not so good, the best advice I ever got was "keep your family #1 always. Fight for what you believe in." It's been helpful.