Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day

So here's a recap of the jokes played at my house today.

Ross called and told me that his company wasn't going to pay him on a recent BIG sale he had....like $1500!!! I fell for it.

Kenady told Cyra she accidentally ripped of her American Girl doll's head. She cried, screamed & run upstairs. She was happy it was all a joke.

Cyra told me that she broke my ring. At this point the jokes were old...I knew better.

I made Kool-Aid to drink with dinner. I've never done that! I poured everyone's glass and had them waiting on the table. Ross picked his up to take a drink, but SURPRISE I filled it with jello and put a straw in the middle while it was setting up. It looked just like juice. We all laughed hysterically!

Hope your day was full of laughs!

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Heather Stevens said...

okay, so my two favorites are when Kenady told Cyra she ripped off her American Girl's head, and the kool-aid one! that is soo funny!! We didn't do any tricks, although last year I think it was on like a saturday or something, cuz I remember setting Megan's alarm clock like 4 hours ahead or something, so when she woke up it said like 2:00 pm:)