Thursday, April 10, 2008

How many do you own?

Just curious. How many bibles do you all have in your home?

I'll have to count and get back to ya'll on that one.


MCC said...

I've got 12 bibles.

Ross has 1
Cyra has 1
Kenady has 1
Campbell has 1
I have 1 I use and the others are inherited and are just stacked in the reading room. They're too delicate to use.

Jen Cook said...

we have 6 here.

Heather Stevens said...

I have...4:) I don't know how many everyone else has though, too many to count, probably a lot:)

Anonymous said...

I want to say we have 8
Me 3 (two I use one from childhood)
Matt 2 (1 plus one from childhood)
Jared 2
Belle 1