Monday, April 28, 2008

Mr. Right

I feel compelled to do a post about my hubby today.
He has been so great over the passed few months. He's taken time to watch the girls numerous times. And for those of you who say "they're his kids, he should watch them", his job is commission only so taking time away means taking money out of our pockets...literally. So, I don't ask him unless it's unavoidable.

The passed few months I have had more girl sprout meetings than Juliette Low herself. Not to mention massive amounts of cheer coaching I've been doing.

He hasn't complained about the meetings, coaching sessions, trainings, campouts or theatre trips...ok maybe a little complaining, but he forgives quickly.

I know I complain WAY too much about being a SAHM. I really do love it, but sometimes get jealous of my working friends. Time with adults seems luxurious at times. That's all reconciled when I hear about his day at work. =/ Adults can be just as rotten as 3 little girls when they haven't had their nap!!!

Anyway, gotta send out the love vibe to hubby tonight. He'll be here with girls 2 nights in a row.
Question for the ladies - Who thinks that men get better looking w/ age?


Heather Stevens said...

Aww! That picture is ahdorable!
Is that tractor new?? lol

Jen Cook said...

cute pic. Yes, Marty gets better with age :)

WorldsGreatestMommy said...

Totally agree! My husband looked like a dork when we got married, (didn't think so then).

They asked me to be an assistant leader for my daughter's troop. I hated saying no, but I've already got so many commitments. Daughter loves her leaders though. I salute you!