Friday, April 4, 2008


I found this blog that belongs to a family in Arizona. Her husband has been in the media for his strange beliefs and even weirder preaching style.

I've been reading her blog lately and find her views interesting. She says that having an epidural during pregnancy should be considered recreational drug use and is not necessary. She then names several medications that she does take. Mostly for her morning sickness, which (if you want to get technical) are all unneccessary. I have INTENSE all day sickness when I'm pregnant that doesn't stop until that baby is out, so I'm an advoacate for these meds even though they don't work for me.

She & her husband also denounce all male gynecologists, calling them perverse. But, she has a big advertisement on her page supporting Ron Paul for President. I am from Oregon and KNOW that Ron Paul is indeed an ob/gyn.

After being so critical of her recent post, I was starting to wonder if I contradict myself often. Then I realized...I hope I do. That would mean that there's still room to grow. There's still a chance for change. I'm not all I'm ever going to be. I'm still allowing God to work me into the person he intends.


Wawa said...

She must have had some bad experiences with hospitals and men -- I personally had all good experiences, although I have always had female OBGYNs.

Redneck_Neighbor said...

I saw this as someone's signature on a bullentin board that I frequent, "If you're arguing with an idiot make sure he isn't doing the same thing." It's simple and for some reason stuck with me.

Anonymous said...

LOL...not calling you an least not on purpose. I just think of that line myself everytime I find my self even thinking of arguing with someone.