Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's a survey!

I've talked to several friends lately about their housecleaning habits. Here's the data I've collected so far:

Friend #1 - Cleans the entire house on Monday because Tuesday is garbage day.
Friend #2 - Vacuums & sweeps once each week.
Friend #3 - Has 5 kids and cleans a different room each day and then has an additional chore list for those things that only need done once each month. She chooses 2 of those things to do each day so they are all completed after a month.

Anyway, I'm developing my new chore list and would love lots of input to help it be the most effective. If you can tell me your routine and maybe anything I might be missing....I'd be grateful!


Jen Cook said...

generally, I do my home blessing every wednesday, (Trash day) and then try to stay in the fly lady "zone" schedule.
Although I missed my home blessing last week, with my back being out of whack, and I can clearly see messy spots in the house. so I know it works.

Heather Stevens said...

Just have me come over to your house every week and I'll clean it for you:) under one condition..your girls have to be home:) haha.

DC Curry said...

i finally posted about the Dancing with Our Stars! haha

I didn't post because I didn't know how to ask people to vote!

Thanks for getting the word out! It's for a great cause! I'll be posting statistics later.

Wawa said...

I found that question funny. I consider it a good day when my kids are fed and clean...and not beating each other up. If I've laughed once with each, I'm good. All the rest I just try to do as I can.

But that Heather can come clean my house, no problem.

Wawa said...

I meant it was funny because I don't have a plan...

Heather Stevens said...

Thank you sooo much for the gifts! That was so sweet!!! thanks!!

ps..does Kenady have any of the Hannah Montanna things from walmart??