Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To flat iron or not to flat iron

First of all, let me address those of you who are asking for "in color" photos. Dream on.

Look at this pic. Do I look like I have some color to you? No? Maybe a little grey? Well, I look like I have more color in this B & W than I do in real life, especially after a long Winter. I'm also out of charcoal eyeliner (ahem - Jennifer) so my eyes are looking old.

Take what you can get people.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I need a haircut. Look how long it is (long for me) It's grown so much this Winter. For some reason it seems to grow out instead of down. Oregonians will recognize this as something we call Springfield hair. Oh yeah.

So, I found this website thank to my SIL. Fun, but nothing that is short & curly. I guess my hair isn't star quality.

Any ideas for a new do? And, any recommendations for stylists near me?


Jen Cook said...

I have your eyeliner here. I'll get it in the mail tomorrow :)
I like your hair the way it is. Try to flat iron in sections starting underneath, & see what happens :)

MCC said...

First, I'll have to buy a flat iron. Well see how it goes. It's a little long for me.

Jen Cook said...

I have a revlon one you can have, I'll mail it with your eyeliner. (I have a chi iron I use on my hair)
Maybe cut it to shoulder length and then flat iron, maybe some layers around your face?
Just an idea.

Heather Stevens said...

Highlights maybe?? I like the layering idea too:)

My hair stylist is very good, her name is Debbie Mann...Corey Mann's wife...she goes to GCC and has her own shop at her house.
her cell is 574-520-9079

Yard Sale Princess said...

First of all, has anyone ever told you that you look like the singer, Madonna? I like your curls but of course my hair is a mix of straight and wave. I think that some highlights around your face might be nice.

MCC said...

yard sale princess - No one has every told me that! When I was younger, I was told Alyssa Milano. My hubby had a big crush on Alyssa, so I guess it all worked out.

I'll post a pic once I decide. I just hate to do something that takes too much maintenance or $.