Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Straight hair

I tried the hair straightener that my SIL Jennifer sent. It was a fun change! My hubby said it would take some getting used to. I figured I could do it several times a week, just to give my hair a break from all that product. I have to use a lot of stuff to keep it from frizzing up like Campbell's!

Whatcha think? Straight? Curly? Long? Short? Pony? Bun? Shaved? C'mon...I need feedback. Be honest. Brutally.


Jen Cook said...

CUTE!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! DId it take you a huge amount of time?

Lisa said...

Cute, cute, cute!

MCC said...

It only took about 30 minutes. I really wanted it straight, so I took extra time at the super curly parts. Next time, it would probably only take about 20.

Anonymous said...

Because I'm your friend. Because I'm a guy. Because I'm probably considered by most as Metrosexual. I will comment.

I enjoy straight hair a lot. On no different. Straight is way.

p.s. I think I'm going to have thursdays be "Throwback Thursday's" and every thursday have a post with a picture of me when I was younger(M.S. or H.S. or elementary, etc), and then talk about the year and things that were popular that year.

Join in on Throwback Thursdays?

Heather Stevens said...

I love the straight hair!! It looks awesome:) I like it long too, you should keep it long. I really think you'd look good in highlights too, not a lot, just a little...and light at first. idk, just an opinion:)