Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Family night.

Tonight was our family night. For those of you who read last week, yes, it's a different day this week. Here's how we choose:

Cyra has a countdown chain for our Disneyworld trip. When we were making it, I randomly put Mickey heads about every 7-15 days. When she pulls off a chain w/ a Mickey head, we get to do something fun as a family to get us excited about Disneyworld in December.

Tonight Cyra wanted "monkey night". Hmmm...what to do?

I ended up going to the library and getting every fiction book concerning monkeys in the entire children's section. Sorry kids, Mr. Sock monkey is at the Conforth house for a few days. =(

Then we ate meatloaf that I made in a cupcake tin and topped w/ purple "frosting" mashed potatoes. No, that has absolutely NOTHING to do w/ monkeys...but it was fun anyhow.

After dinner, we played Barrel of Monkeys. Ross beat us all, and Cyra came in second. I came in at 1st runner the loser. That game is actually hard! The pic w/ the monkeys all clustered is one of Ross's turns. One of his was hanging on my a foot, but he ended up getting all of them!

After that we enjoyed a small batch of monkey bread. Which is refrigerator biscuits cut up, rolled in cinnamon & sugar, topped w/ a butter & brown sugar syrup, baked, then dipped in cream cheese frosting.'s as good as cinnabon. And CHEAP! Aldi has those biscuits for .29 a can!

Lastly we watched a Jeff Corwin monkey special. It wasn't all about monkeys, but it got us excited about visiting Animal Kingdom again. I think the girls will enjoy it a little more now that they're older.


Jen Cook said...

You're so creative, and these are SO the memories the girls are going to have for their life time!!!

Lisa said...

That sounds like so much fun! Can we come to your house for family night!?!

Heather Stevens said...

that's such a fun idea!! I bet your girls had a blast!!

WorldsGreatestMommy said...

Wow! Your family is super cool. I got some great ideas for our family nights.