Thursday, May 1, 2008

Throwback Thursday

So my new friend (& small group leader) Kyle asked me to join his new efforts. We're starting Throwback Thursday. For all you hillbillies in Oregon...we ain't talkin' about that thing you do on the Umpqua....

Every Thursday (unless I forget, which I'm known to do) I'll post an old pic of myself and tell some sort of story to go along w/ it. Yes, it may be lame....but isn't lame the new cool?

So, here is me in all my 3rd grade glory. I only know that because I'm wearing THE pants. Parachute pants were my favorite. My Grandma bought me this black pair at The Hub....all you Oregonians know about that place!!! My Mom then copied the pattern and made me several other pairs in more girly colors.

I especially love my sweatshirt. I was so into Cabbage Patch Kids. I had 8 of them (still do).

In 3rd grade, I attended Bohemia Elementary school in Cottage Grove OR. My teacher was Ms. Holmes. She was from Chile and I loved her. My best friend was Tori Bell. She was also my neighbor and this is the year I got my first record (not to share or a 45)....Prince's Purple Rain. My Mom apparently didn't listen to it first to make sure it was appropriate for 8 year old ears.

It also looks like it's Christmas time in this pic. I noticed my Mom's Santa candle on the table next to me. I used to love Christmas at my house. My Mom spent a lot of time decorating and making so many yummy things to eat. My Dad didn't like Christmas, but I think that's because he grew up in a house w/ so many kids. His parents couldn't afford gifts, so they just had a lot of food. With 10 kids, how could you afford to have a BIG Christmas?

I have to talk about that loveseat I'm sitting on. I know my parents bought it in 1980, but I can't rembember where (I WAS only 3). It had a matching chair and this is where our parents sat when we opened our presents. Us kids sat here when we watched our parents practice their dancing. There is a big woodstove in this room that was always roaring in the winter. We'd dry off from our baths in there. Mom would raise bread on top. Dad would always have water boiling for tea. Despite their outward appearance, they're actually quite comfortable. My Dad finally sold them in his yard sale last Summer. We seriouly had those for 27 years. Wow.

BTW - our old house is for sale right now. It looks rougher than I remember. My room was the window on the left.

So, there you go. A glimpse into my life. I'll try to crop some new pics this week. I can't be posting my schoolmates photos all over the net. If you'd like to join Throwback Thursday, let me know. I'd love to read!


Anonymous said...

I find it funny that you look exactly the same as you used to. Haha!

Think how awesome it'd be if all bloggers did Throwback Thursday. It'd be like one huge massive online Comedy Club...well at least if all the pictures were like yours. [=

MCC said...

Thanks =/ very funny.

Notice this pic is in color. I didn't have wrinkles or uneven skin tone...I'll stick w/ black & whites thank you very much.

Lisa said...

I have good memories of going over to your house. We always had so much fun. I liked playing in that room - it was always so warm. I always thought that room was so neat with the mirrors. I also enjoyed watching your parents dance. You could really tell how much they enjoyed it.

It was so weird to see your old house without your dad's boat.

Jen Cook said...

Cute pic. It looks like a mini-you now :) I like the idea of throwback thursday...hmmm...need to find some photos...

MCC said...

Lisa- you're right. We did have a lot of fun at that house.

Jen- I'm sure you of all people will have no trouble finding photos!

Heather Stevens said...

That pic looks just like you!!

"I was so into Cabbage Patch Kids"
Me too!! I only had one, but I always thought it was wierd that they had that signature where it was:)

"My best friend was Tori Bell"
I have a connection!! My best friend is Tori Bruce (same initials and first name!) and my favorite fast food place is Taco Bell!!!