Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm a law breaker. But not traffic laws. Ok maybe a few.

I've been super conscious lately of the habits of Indiana drivers. You see in Oregon, we have actual LAWS that are ENFORCED. Here, folks swerve, tailgate & speed w/ no regard.

Since I've been more aware, I think my blood pressure has taken a turn for the worse.

Last week I was turning into Sam's Club. There was a stop sign, so I stopped. I then turned left into a row of parking. At the same time someone else (coming towards me) turned right BEFORE the stop sign and crossed over 3 rows of emtpy spots...He nearly hit me.

On Wed. I was at Aldi. I stopped at the stop sign right in front of the entrance (pedestrian crossing). The person behind me turned before the stop sign to take a short cut through unparked spots. When I was able to turn in, she had to put the pedal to the medal to avoid getting crushed (in her Passat) by my tank..literally, it's loaded down w/ all sorts of torture devices (AKA children).

I must confess I am a law breaker though. I usually set my cruise a few mph over the limit.

Which traffic laws do you consciously (or unconsciously) break?


Steve said...

I tend to be a bit of a lead-foot... have always taken speed limit signs as more of a suggestion than the law... and I have the tickets to show for it.

Tam said...

i don't use my blinkers. ever. not by choice tho. we just can't figure out what's wrong with them! i've been reduced to using hand signals. yes. you know...sticking your arm straight out is a left, up is right and down is stop. i hate it. a lot.

ok now. I happen to think that Oregon drivers aren't all that great. of course, brent and i learned to drive in So. CA - so were a bit, HE'S a bit, on the aggressive side ;-)

Jacinda said...

It's definitely speed. I love to drive fast even when I'm not late, though I usually am! P.S. thanks for the chores tip. I love your idea of having your daughter budget for party gifts. That's a new one to me. I like it.