Thursday, May 22, 2008

You ask...I'll answer Pt. 1

Here's a few questions from World's Greatest Mommy

Most embarrassing moment as a mom.

- I was at Disneyland in the Summer of 06, by myself, w/ the 3 girls. We had this vacation planned before we moved, so the girls & decided to still go w/ out my hubby. You can ALL imagine how so very fun that was....can't you? I was waiting outside the fence of Dumbo, watching my two oldest (6 & 3 at the time) ride. The baby (8 mo) was in the stroller next to me. I look over to check on her and the stroller was rolling down the hill. I forgot to set the brake! Some nice lady caught the stroller before it crashed & burned into the churros cart. She gave me a dirty look and I think I cried quietly while my kids finished their ride. It was a stressful trip!

Proudest moment as a mom

- When I hear the girls singing in their room. I listen closer and it's worhsip songs. Made up worship songs, but worship none the less.

Thing you're best at cooking

- I can't pick one. I LOVE to bake. My most requested baked items are chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bread, ginger cookies, banana bread. My most requested family meals are chicken, cheese & spinach stuffed ravioli w/ alfredo. Also, chicken tetrazzini, s***on a shingle, wellfare burgers.

One hobby you wish you had/were good at, but you're not

- scrapbooking. I have ALL of the supplies, and plenty of time, but it just doesn't flip my skirt. I get no enjoyment. It's a big chore for me. So I stopped when my oldest was 3. =/

Make and model of your first car

- 1969 Volkswagon Bug. Cream. License plate said "GRUVEN"....I loved that car. No, I take that back I LOVED that car.

If you could be any kind of flower what kind would you be and why?

- I actually hate flowers. I mean, they're ok to look at, but I would never (NEVER) spend money on them. My hubby knows I prefer Godiva chocolate, purses, shoes or flowers. I guess I would say an african violet, only because they were my Mom's favorite.

Any phrases your parents said to you that you swore you'd never say to your children, but you do?

- No. My Mom wasn't very creative w/ her sayings. She used "I'll give you something to cry about. Kill em w/ kindness." She'd also say "Get your bratty a** back in bed."

I use "What you want & what you get are 2 diff. things. This isn't BK, you can't have it your way. Want in one hand, poop in the other & see which one fills up first." I say "I don't want to see your sweet face until morning."

Different personalities....complete different I would say.

Thanks for the questions. Feel free to ask more!!!

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Worlds Greatest Mommy said...

I've had a runaway stroller moment before. I remember crying.

I love hearing my kids singing spiritual songs, too. Makes me feel like something might be right with what I'm doing.

Cool car! Love chocolate too! I say way too many of the same things as my mom. Sometimes it scares me.

Are you political? Do you believe in love at first sight? What are 3 necessary things to have a great marriage? Some words your kids will use to describe you as a mom to their own children? Favorite cleaning chore?