Monday, May 19, 2008

What the heck..

I'm in need of a blogging / twittering break. I've got so much clean up after my camping weekend. I've also got my last Girl Sprout meeting tomorrow and cheer tryouts is this week. Ahh...

So here's the scoop. I want to know who reads my blog & answer any questions you might have for me.

Ask me anything. I'll do my best to answer honestly while still holding on to my dignity.

Leave me a comment and make sure you link to your blog so I can read it. Tell me your name, what state your in, how you found me, what you hate / love about my blog, a question...anything at all.

I'll start answering on Wednesday. Even if you've never commented before, please comment!!!


Dan (djByron) said...

Found you on Twitter following someone I follow.

What part of Indiana are you at (approx location of course)? Just asking because I met my wife while living in Elkhart. We remained there for 3 years prior to moving back to my home state of New York. said...

I don't have any questions...but I do read your blog!! I really wanted to post about the shoes, because I have a pair I love, love, love but they are so old! LOL

Heather Stevens said...

My name is Heather Stevens
I live in Granger, IN...about 15 mins from you:)
I found you at church. In the Garden Patch room, and FELL IN LOVE with your ENTIRE family! You guys are awesome!!

I don't think I have any questions I don't know the answers to though...oh wait..When do your girls get out of school?

Worlds Greatest Mommy said...

I read...

Some questions...

Most embarrassing moment as a mom.
Proudest moment as a mom.
Thing you're best at cooking.
One hobby you wish you had/were good at, but you're not.
Make and model of your first car.
If you could be any kind of flower what kind would you be and why?
Any phrases your parents said to you that you swore you'd never say to your children, but you do?

Heather Stevens said...

I had a dream. Me and my dad were at Chilie's and we saw you guys was awesome!

Oh wait..that wasn't a dream:)

did you guys have fun?? haha Kenady was making faces at me and trying to get my attention:) I was trying not to laugh:) lol