Monday, May 19, 2008

I can see God

The girls & I had some great talks this weekend. Here's one of our conversations:

Cyra - "Why aren't we able to see God?"

Kenady - "I see him all the time!"

Cyra - "No you don't"

Kenady - "Yes, I do"

Mom - "Girls, God is kind of like the wind."

Cyra - "What? He makes us cold and blows over our tent?"

Mom - " No. We can't SEE the wind, but we know it's there when it rustles through the trees. We know it's there when it comes through and cools us off when it's hot out."

Cyra - "Oh, I get it. We can hear him talking to us or telling us what to do, we just can't see his face."

Kenady - "How come God doesn't talk to me when I ask him to help me clean my room?"

Cyra - "hahahaha"

Mom - "He does help you. By giving you a strong body so you can do the work."

Kenady - "That's not the kind of help I want."

Mom - "Well, what you WANT, and what you GET are 2 different things darlin."


Anonymous said...

See, there you go again, making me want to have kids.

I look forward to these types of conversations with my kids in the future.

MCC said...

Oh yes, they are fun. Lots of work though...thankless, tireless, finance draining, kind of work.

But for some reason we forget that and keep having more. I guess God made them cute for that very reason.

Heather Stevens said...

aww! That makes me laugh:) especially what Cyra said about making you cold and blowing your tent:) and what Kenady said about cleaning her room:)'s always about that isn't it? haha