Thursday, May 15, 2008

Favorite shoes

OK, so I totally bagged on Crocs yesterday. I claimed them to be the "ugliest, most unattractive pair of shoes ever to be produced." I know some of you must love them. I mean for Pete's sake, they sell out of them weekly at the Hallmark(s). And everyone at the Walmart(s) is wearing em.

So I'd like you all to post a picture of your favorite pair of shoes (even if they are crocs) and a short story of where you bought them, why you bought them, how much they were (any bit of information that might be of interest to us gawkers) on your own blog. Then come back here and click on Mr. Linky and add your name and your post's URL. Not your blog's URL, just the shoe post.

If you can't figure it out, just email me, or call if you already have my #.

Honestly, I'll be thrilled if I can just figure out the Mr. Linky thing and get more than 5 people to post.

Here's my favorite pair.

My hubby game me a gift card to a shoe store that had BOGO. LOVE BOGO!

I found some running shoes. Not showing them here, because frankly, they might as well still have the tags on them. Then I found this sweet pink Sketcher sandal / tennis shoe. They looked like ballet slippers, and some of you know my LOVE of ballet slippers.

They were about $45 and have been through many, many airports. Easy to slip on & off w/ 3 kids in tow. I had them for 2 years already!

Please, please don't email me informing me of the perfect self tanner that I so desperately need. I know I'm white. In fact it's difficult to tell the shoe is even pink from the blinding glare off my legs. And ignore the Jasmine & Aladdin bandaid. I cut myself shaving.

Don't forget to post on your own blog then link back here.


Natalie Witcher said...

I saw your comment and how funny is that. I had just gone to your blog and was considering my shoes as i rocked my baby to sleep! Love the post. Love the band-aid and hey, just go with the white skin. You'll look super when you're old!

Heather Stevens said...

Hope you're having fun at the camp out!!