Monday, May 5, 2008

Do I have to shake hands at church?

Church on Saturday night was really great. Pastor Rob spoke. The current series is called Get in the Game and this week was entitled Call of Duty.

Anyway, I was sitting in about the 5th row on the right hand side of the stage. (BTW - sound people at GCC, it's not good quality over there) There was this guy sitting across the aisle & 1 row up from me. He was alone. We stood up to sing. He stood, but no singing. He just folded his arms and looked discerning. I remember Pastor Mark (I think it was him) telling us once that folding your arms was like saying "OK God - let's see what you can do. Show me, cause I'm not so sure." Of course I'm quoting what I remember, not what he actually said. Let's not get technical over here.

Moving on....I felt like I was supposed to go shake his hand during our meet & greet time. It was like I had that little angel vs. devil thing happening on my shoulder(although I'm convinced both were the devil). One second feeling like I needed to go over, the other feeling else will.

He shook several people's hands, not including mine. I have no idea why, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I watched him for the rest of the service. He wrote down a few tidbits from service, but then about 45 minutes into it, he reached down and untucked his shirt. Then he stuck his hand in his belt and just rested it there. Weird, but ok. Then he reached his hand down his crack....seriously. He picked, scratched, picked, scratched, picked and LET HIS HAND REST IN HIS CRACK FOR THE REST OF THE SERVICE! That's capitalized because IT'S GROSS!

I have no idea what church was about after that. I couldn't focus. Who could at that point? All I could think of was "thank goodness I didn't shake his hand and we aren't handling the same tithing bucket!!!"

I guess I'll have to listen to Call of Doody Call of Duty online sometime this week!


Anonymous said...

As a guy, I'm wondering what's wrong with any of that? Isn't that normal?


Oh, whoops, I suppose I'm the wrong person to be telling this story to.

Juuuusst Kidding. That was very nasty, I agree. I wonder if anyone that shook his hands noticed the same thing and if so, what they were thinking.

Jen Cook said...

Can I just say, thats really really gross? I have a germ phobe thing too, ever since samantha had meningitis last summer. I'm weird about germs!
And at church? In a public forum, before the LORD? Wow.
Be glad you didn't shake his hand!

Wawa said...


I think about that sometimes in church before we shake hands. said...

I always carry a little bottle of that hand sanitizer stuff...sure I get teased about it, but it would be a life saver in a situation like that!