Thursday, May 8, 2008

Throwback Thursday

Everytime I look at this pic I think the same thing "dang! That's some dirty water!"

My Mom always said it looked dirty from the rain water. Whatever Mom. I like to think we had spent the day making mudpies and memories. Only I know that's not true, because I can't remember.

Maybe Mom was right.

I'm hoping my brother Marty doesn't sue me for posting his pic w/ out asking. Jen - I'm asking you...after the fact.
If you'd like to participate in Throwback Thursday. Leave a comment w/ your link. Make sure you check out Scott's post & Kyle's post for a good chuckle.


Anonymous said...

You were so cute. If I were your brother however, I would not be overly joyed about you sharing the family bathtub experiences with the world. [=

MCC said...

Haha - I just noticed that Marty is wearing shorts in this pic. My Mom was so conservative, I always wondered why she let us bathe together.

Scott Fillmer said...

OHHHH, that is hilarious. Is this appropriate? I thought you guys ran a family establishment, haha.

At least you are being offered up the peanuts gang, cute as can be smile.