Thursday, May 15, 2008

Family night.

Tuesday night was our family night. The girls chose Pirates as our theme. Dustin & Alison joined us again, as well as the neighbor girl.

First we decorated the table w/ an old fishing net, and a diaper wipe box decorated like a treasure chest. I put a few beads, rings and candies in it before I hot glued it shut. We also had a telescope made out of a paper towel roll.

Cyra made some paper decorations to hang from our light. I made parrots from toilet paper rolls that had a stretchy string so you could put it on your shoulder. They were stinkin' cute.

We made signs out of ripped up paper bags that read "Pirate only, trespassers will walk the plank" for the front door, "Poop deck" for the bathroom & "Time flies, when you're having rum" for the kitchen.

Appetizers were "peg legs & sea foam" (carrots sticks & ranch), "sailor's knots" (pretzels) and "cannonballs" (whoppers). And the punch was Sprite w/ ice cubes made from Tropical punch kool-aid. When the ice cube melted, it looked like Sharks Blood.
For dinner I served the kids hot dogs in a blue basket with a skewer & sail stuck in it. I also sprinkled gold fish around so it really looked like a boat. The adults had "seaweed" - spinach pasta w/ grilled garlic chicken & seafoam (alfredo).

Dessert was supposed to be a pirate ship cake, but dangit if my cake recipe isn't too moist. ;P So I chopped it all up, layered it with pudding and topped it with ground up graham cracker crumbs and served it w/a shovel & looked like a sand pail! (Guess I didn't get a pic.)
The girls played Go Fish. I also made a homemade hook and they tried to get "sailor's knots" out of a bowl using it.

It was a fun night! Let's see what they come up w/ next time.


Scott Fillmer said...

Well how cool are you guys... looks like a fun day on Tuesday's over there, wow.

Lisa said...

Seriously, you are so creative. I really need to take some lessons. Keep the fun family night pics coming. I love 'em!

MCC said...

My favorite was the parrot. I made 8 of them all different. Everyone looked cute walking around w/ one on their shoulder. Of course the adults got a little inappropriate...making them kiss & such. =)

Anonymous said...

Can I come over next Tuesday?

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Adorable! You're brilliant. :) What wonderful memories you're creating! said...

That looks like so much fun!!

Jacinda said...

Okay love your Pirate Night. (Whittaker woman is my BFF) and we have been collaborating for our family theme nights. (that's how I found you) Pirates is on my upcoming lists. I will definitely be borrowing some of your ideas. love the bird and hook!

MCC said...

Jacinda - the thing I learned w/ the bird is to punch the holes on the front & back, not the sides. It fits better on your shoulders that way.

Ooo...collaborating...good idea. I bet you come up w/ too many ideas that way.

Natalie Witcher said...

That is a great idea! I've got to try something like that before my girls think I'm not cool anymore :)