Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Don't you hate it when...

I love it when I meet someone new, that could possibly be a good friend. Kids the same age, similar interests, same church etc.

I hate it when that person seems to put me down because:

A. I'm not IN the ministry.
B. I haven't been attending as long as they have
C. They know the Bible way better than I do, and they are quick to point that small fact out.
D. I'm not consistent w/ my prayer and they make sure I know that THEY are.
E. They scoff because I've had relationships before I was married.

I am an honest, open, caring, growing woman. Sorry folks, I'm not perfect. Nor do I claim to be. That would blasphemy you see...I'm NOT Jesus.

Tell us something that drives you crazy or makes you angry...


Anonymous said...

It makes me furious when people are so afraid to love students freely because of the politics of a church.

It makes me angry when a students is cutting and some of the adult leaders all they seem to focus on IS the cutting and not the actual reason of why they are cutting.

It makes me angry that rules are made because someone did something stupid that THAT particular rule had to be created.

It makes me angry to know that I have nice items, and still want more, however meanwhile there are people/kids ALL AROUND me that barely even have clothes, and I am to afraid to do more.

It makes me angry that I mess up every day...

It makes me angry that someone would treat you like that.

I'll stop here.

Worlds Greatest Mommy said...

I'm sorry you had to go through it. I sort of know how you feel.

There was a woman who volunteered with me at the school. They were a really great family. Sweet, attentive to their kids...etc. Her daughter was in my son's class. After a PTA meeting one day, she asked me what church I went to. I told her, and the mood shifted right away. She said she had to hurry home. Now she avoids me whenever I try to talk to her, so I've stopped. It really hurt. I even cried about it for a few days. I would never not speak to someone based on their religion, and what was even weirder, is that we're both Christians, just different denominations. I can't imagine how she'd feel if she met someone who wasn't Christian.

MCC said...

Why can folks be so hurtful? Do they not realize? Or am I too sensitive?

I read her blog, but she won't read mine (I assume it's not Christian enough) and she just informed me she's joining twitter (I wonder if she'll follow).

Weird thing is we attend the same church. I don't get it.

Wawa said...

I guess I'm lucky. I haven't had anyone react that way to me. I mean I have had people react that way about me not dressing in designer clothes and carrying designer purses. But I usually don't get mad, I just laugh. Because really, who is the loser in THAT situation?

Wawa said...

I just thought of another similar situation. We've had people act like that about us being of the wrong political party. Mind you the people I find the most judgmental tend to be those who proclaim to be the opposite!

Worlds Greatest Mommy said...

That just doesn't make sense. I love your blog, and your religious insights are pooignant and very real. It hurts to be treated that way, though. I have to admit it hurts.

Tanya said...

Argh. I HATE it when people do that!!! I'm so sorry you were treated that way. Truth is they're afraid of grace. My sister can be like that. She can really look down on those who have visible flaws (usually it's me!) because being perfect seems to come so easily to her. But she misses the whole point of grace: that NONE of us is good enough and GOD IS! And He loves us in spite of our imperfections. I love to flaunt my imperfections because it makes God's love so much greater. I'm a work in progress. :)

Lately the thing that has urked me the most is inconsiderate neighbors. My 4-year-old daughter escaped to the neighbor's house for twenty minutes without telling me. What's worse, the neighbor never told me either! Instead she fed her icepops and cookies while I ran around the house frantically searching for my child.