Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You ask...I'll answer Pt. 2

Dan (djByron) said...
Found you on Twitter following someone I follow.What part of Indiana are you at (approx location of course)? Just asking because I met my wife while living in Elkhart. We remained there for 3 years prior to moving back to my home state of New York.

I'm in Granger. About 15 minutes from Elkhart. My hubby works in Elkhart. Well his office is there, he drives most the day. Haven't spent much time there...any suggestions of things to see or do?
More great questions from World's Greatest Mommy...

Are you political?

Very. My hubby & I love to talk politics. Now, I didn't say that I know what I'm talking about. But, I do know what's important to me. Although we don't always agree politically, we have fun fighting about it......and making up. =)

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Not for me. I believe in LUST at first sight. I wasn't (still not) mature enough to look at someone and think anything remotely close to " WOW, they'd be a really great caretaker, father, provider, protector" If anyone can, great. But, I don't have that in me.

What are 3 necessary things to have a great marriage?

1. Learn each others' love language. The way I give love is not the way he feels loved. I had to (still am) learn his language and then learn to speak it well. His is acts of service..NOT FOOD RELATED. Argh.....

2. Remember that those sweet little nuances he had before you got married? You know, the ones that were so cute and makes him unique, and you just love that about him....those are the things that will drive you crazy once your married. Focus on the reasons you chose him, not the negative. EVERY MAN on the planet has those annoying things about them. The grass IS NOT greener.

3. Priorities. God first, family second, career third. I want a man who loves God more than me. Without God in the picture, it seems nearly impossible to stay married anymore (we celebrated 11 years in April). I want my man to keep his family by his side, not shove them over to make room for more hours at work. I would also include, keeping your wife above your children. Taking time & effort w/ her shows your children how important she is to the family. In return she will be filled up and be able to pour that out onto your family. A lot of times Moms feel second rate....=( NOT COOL!

Some words your kids will use to describe you as a mom to their own children?

Oh man! Good question. Of course, these are my hopes:
*Christ follower
*A good listener
*And bakes the best chocolate chip cookies EVER!

Favorite cleaning chore?

I have two. Vacuuming & windows. I vacuum everyday (main floor only) and I do my windows once a week! Weird, I know.

This has been fun! Ask any more if you can think of some!


Anonymous said...

Curious...Demo or Repub?


Dan (djByron) said...

Grainger/Elkhart.. What are the odds? Stuff to do, hmmm... In all honesty that was one of the reasons we moved to New York. I grew up in NY and was spoiled with all the cool things to do (skiing, hiking, history etc) and cool day-trips (NYC, Boston, The Adirondack Mtns, etc). Not that i didn't enjoy Elkhart Indiana while I lived there (met an amazing Indiana gal while I was there who is now my wife!) I was just spoiled with the "amazingness" that is upstate NY.

MCC said...

Dan - yeah, we've had a hard time finding stuff to keep us entertained.

Keyl - I used to be registered Democrat, now I'm registered Republican. But, honestly don't always vote the way I'm registered. BTW - this election SUCKS!

MCC said...

Sorry - fingers aren't working yet this morning....Kyle.

Worlds Greatest Mommy said...

I'm loving your answers. Especially like the one about a marriage. I totally agree.

More questions...

Do you and your husband have a song?

What was the name of your first pet? (That you remember)

The ultimate gift someone could give you would be what?

If someone were going to write a movie about your life, what songs would be on the soundtrack?

3 best moments of your life...what and why?

becky c said...

Hey! I got your message about the girlscout cookies - and yes! If you can still get some, I would certainly take them. :) Thin Mints - 3,4,5 boxes... whatever you can get - THANKS for trying!!