Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hats in church

Tonight we went to the early service at church. As I was sitting down, I spotted a couple from dance class. They aren't the most social people, so I took the initiative and went to say hello.

The wife was busy talking to a her neighbor so I asked the hubby how they were doing, and the wife (very suddenly) turned around and went OFF on him about wearing his hat in church. I tried to regain my composure...seriously she was yelling. I smiled and said "My hubby sometimes wears a hat too. When I was growing up, it wasn't allowed. But churches are much more accepting now." Her husband looked shocked that I even said anything that was in disagreement w/ her.

She replied "Real Christians don't wear hats in church out of respect."

Ummm...ok. I just said "Well, you two enjoy the service and see you soon." She stared at me for a long time after I sat down. I swear I felt my flesh being burned away. I looked over a minute later and the hubby had removed his hat. =/

Luckily Trace came out shortly after to start worship. Guess what? He was wearing a hat.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a big intense. So I guess according to her I am going to hell.

I had one person report me and complain about me multiple times about wearing my hat in church. Is that really what we as a church should be worrying about? If someone wears a hat or drinks a coffee in the sanctuary?

Scott Fillmer said...

I have say what vagabondrunn said, WOW. It is almost funny, I mean, really... come on.

I personally would not wear a hat in church, but I have enough to worry about with myself, let alone try to make a personal conviction on another.

I also wasn't brought up to wear jeans in church either, and never could for 15-20 years, until we started going to the church we are at right now, then, it was ok and I finally felt COMFORTABLE in church for the first time probably.

Give me a break... I think God is more concerned with our hearts than our hats.

steven.russell said...

Because everyone knows that hats prohibit you from hearing God or vice versa.

This lady probably hasn't gotten anything out of church in a long, long time.


Dan (djByron) said...

Yea this is a good one... I have yet to wear a hat to a service but I did have a run-in once at a prayer mtg with an older saint. Pastor never said anything but she definitely made it a point to let me know hat's weren't "allowed" in the sanctuary. I fought for a few minutes with myself before removing the hat out of respect for an elder. It's just funny to listen to some of the logic behind those old-time traditions.

Wawa said...

Wow, what a rude woman!! I see people wearing hats all the time at the catholic church. I think men are supposed to take them off during deep prayer, but I'm not sure. I've never seen anyone be rude about it. You are supposed to take them off during the National Anthem though!!
Hmm...when Jesus died for our sins, wouldn't that include hat wearing?

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

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