Friday, May 30, 2008

You ask...I'll answer Pt. 4

Weirdest dream you ever had (that you can share on the internet)!
My scariest dream was a combo of Indiana Jones & another super scary movie. I used to dream about myself being kidnapped by a cult, then lowered down to a firey pit while all the members chanted at the top of the pit. They were staring down at me, watching me burn. I would somehow escape but then be chased around an old, deserted town by a man w/ a chain saw. Oh yeah, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The time you laughed the hardest.
I had a friend named Molly who, when we got together, it's ridiculously funny. We laugh nonstop...It was my goal to make her wheez...Those times are countless.

But the biggest laugh was probably at Costco in 1997. My Mom & I were shopping for disposable cameras for my wedding. (Don't laugh, it WAS the 90's)

She spotted some Polaroid cameras on sale for $40. She was big into her Mary Kay business at that time and thought some before & after pics would be fun. She spotted the film that was $11 bucks a package. She said "Wow - that's expensive. I wonder how much it costs to get developed?" I about peed my pants laughing "Uh,'s a Polaroid. You don't develop it." Classic.

Favorite Cleaning product and why it's so great.

I love Windex multi surface. I do my windows once a week so I can smell Windex. I think vinegar is a more natural substance to use. Besides it does so much, it cuts down on the clutter in my cleaning closet!

I also love Summit foaming garbage disposal cleaner. This stuff is awesome! I do it once a week just as preventative maintenence. It comes in a little packet that you shove in your disposal and about a minute later.....clean!

If you had another child what would their name be and why? A boy or girl?
My hubby used to want a boy and name him Bryce. I wanted the name Cole, it was my Grandma's maiden name. I would want another girl and probably go w/ something like Cadence or Kamber, or Chloe or Camel or Couch....something along those lines.

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