Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Tooth Fairy

Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer has a great conversation going! The topic (in case you don't want to read her post) is about how much the Tooth Fairy leaves at your house.

Here is the comment I left:

When my oldest lost her first tooth, the tooth fairy was having a super rough day and forgot to get change. She had just moved into her new house and didn't have a change jar or anything! She decided to leave $20 w/ a note and a YOM (you owe me). It said "I know it's exciting to see $20 under your pillow. I had a busy, busy day (what w/ all those teeth to collect) and ran out of dollar bills. I'm going to leave this for you and you can have your parents make change. You can keep $5 (for all your trouble) and put $15 under the pillow and I'll pick it up tomorrow night."

Yeah - it didn't work. She said "Did you leave that note Mom? Trying to get my tooth money?"

She then calculated how much her mouth was worth. At that time she had 20 teeth and called her Papa to tell him that she would eventually get $400.

Nice huh? $20 a tooth. Talk about inflation. I always got 4 quarters. Except once when they had really long roots, I got $2.

After posting that comment I remembered one time when I didn't have $20. So, I dug around in my gift box and found a small hello kitty handbag, some lip gloss, nail polish & a book I think. She was fine w/ that too.

I wanna know....

A. What did the tooth fairy leave you when you were younger & what year was that?

B. What does your tooth fairy leave now?

C. Or, if your kids aren't old enough...what is your plan?


Lisa said...

Let's see - the tooth fairy. I think we got 50 cents for any regular tooth and then $1 for molars. I do remember a couple of times when the tooth fairy forgot me. I had to wait until the next night before I got any money.

As for what the tooth fairy gives now, umm. Honestly I haven't even thought that far ahead. My oldest isn't even 3 yet! Definitely not getting $20 though!

Jen Cook said...

I always got two bi-centinial qualrters (you know the ones with the drummer on them?) I used to call them tooth fairy quarters.

Nicholas gets $5 per tooth.

MCC said...

My Mom always had us put our tooth in a dixie cup full of water. I was always amazed (I knew it was Mom) how she was able to make the cup look new again. They always seemed to cave in when I filled them w/ water and left them overnight. It never occurred to me that she just got a new cup. Yeah, I was smart huh?

Wawa said...

I think I either got a quarter or 50 cents, I don't remember for sure. We give $1 in change always, not in paper. We just started doing it and thought it was fun to continue. So sometimes it's 4 quarters, sometimes 10 dimes. He's always excited to see what it is. I didn't want to get into giving too much!

Heather Stevens said...

1). I think I got a dollar

2). It was from when I was like 6 until I was about 12.

My dad always said that the tooth fairy is really a man with a huge mouth, and he collected teeth because he didn't have any of his own:). We didn't believe him. One time I was looking through my parents bathroom and found all my teeth!!

Kathy said...

I believe I received a quarter or two. That would have been in 1970 - 1976 or thereabouts. Once, when I had to have the 4 upper front teeth pulled by the dentist, I got 10 silver dollars. That was nice, but it didn't make up for the fact my parents didn't tell me about the dentist appt. UNTIL WE WERE ON THE WAY THERE! Can you tell it still bothers me?

We give our children $6.00 per tooth. Not sure how we arrived at that amount. It used to be a little less, but they would get a higher amount if they allowed Dad to pull it out. He got a thrill from that. Usually, they let him. Our children know Dad puts the money under the pillow, but they have never caught him doing it.

MCC said...

Kathy - thanks for leaving a comment. I checked out your blog. You have a beautiful family!!!

I just remembered that my Moms used to tell us that the tooth fairy lived in the vacuum. Isn't that weird?