Friday, May 23, 2008

Let's go to NY

Someone suggested I enter my 2 little ones (C is too old) in a cute baby contest. So, I did.

While being totally partial =)...they are the cutest things EVER.

Check them out. Vote for Campbell here....and Kenady here.

You have to click on the stars at the top of the pics. C' it for me. If you all vote, I'm totally winning.


Lisa said...

cute, cute, cute.

Jacinda said...

You do have beautiful girls!

MCC said...

Jacinda? When are you going to start a blog? C'mon you ARE friends w/ the Whittaker's only a matter of time.

Lisa said...

I haven't heard the story of Grandma's chicken ring. I don't even know what it looks like. When you get a minute I'd love to hear it.

joshua said...


and, great blog! i've subscribed and put you in my blogroll ;-)

Jen Cook said...

Yes, I'll vote. Funny you should do this now, After seeing it in my parents magazine last week, I had it on my "to do" list this week to upload samantha's photos for the contest as well :)