Thursday, May 15, 2008

You're seriously p.o.'d about cookie awards? Part 2

This is the response I got from a particular Mom after I sent out this previous letter.

We are well aware of the process and fully understand the civics lesson that you describe below. I was not suggesting that we were less committed to the goals of Girl Scouts because of selling less cookies. What I offered as a friendly suggestion was that perhaps there was a different way to hand out the prizes.

This is my response:

I was trying to address everyone's concerns via one email. Not everyone voices their concerns or questions easily, so I wanted to quell any fears before they surfaced.

If blank understands the cookie sale program, then I guess I don't understand the problem. It clearly states what it takes to get those prizes. Girls can choose to do it or not. That is part of the recognition that the GS office encourages us to give.

Cyra wanted a certain prize (low on the ladder) so she made a plan and followed through. If she hadn't of followed through, she would have been disappointed, but at no one's fault but her own. That's part of the learning process. We never learn the true thrill of success unless we experience failure a few times. Just like fledgling businesses fail if they don't have a plan and then execute it, so it is w/ cookie sales.

It is not fair to take away the recognition from any girl whether it be receiving a badge or a cookie prize. Participating in recognition from, or for, their peers is an important life lesson that is in line w/ the GS way.

Last year we did an actual cookie prize ceremony. Girls came up, got their prize, talked about their process, received applause and we went on to the next girl. This year, things were busy, so we just handed them out casually.

If you think this is too hard for blank to be a part of, I understand. I would be willing to send out an email before any prize ceremonies and parents can decide whether or not to bring their daughter on that day. I will not take away the chance for these girls to be recognized by their peers for a job well done. But I find no problem with allowing parents to decide if that's something they want their daughter to experience.

Apparently I'm not being forward enough w/ my Moms. I don't think I should have to take away that amazing experience of receiving a prize and being applauded by your peers, just because 1 child gets upset.

Several girls didn't sell enough to get anything more than a patch. No one else got upset.

Am I being forward enough? Am I being rude? Tell me please.


Jen Cook said...

I believe that you are being forward, but firm. I don't see anything wrong with your emails.
Sadly, there will always be one (or two) moms, who don't like the way things are, don't want their kids' feelings to be hurt (a life lesson), and it's usually the mom who didn't VOLUNTEER to be the leader that has the most Qualms with the process.
Also, I have been observing how when we don't let our children experience some disappointment, they can become self entitled children. Just my two cents though.

MCC said...

I agree. The entitlement issue is a natural instinct for children. They are the center of the world and we are rotating around them right?

That's precisely the reason why we renamed "allowance" for "commission". Small change, but makes a big differnce in mentatlity. They must earn, not be entitled.

Thanks for the 2 cents. Add it to mine and maybe we can buy a stick of gum.

Lisa said...

I think the emails look great. No matter what there will always be someone who is not satisfied. Someone who's kid has to be the best at everything no matter what the kid really wants to do. I think it's just the parents trying to live through their children. Involving their kids in things the parent wanted to do but didn't. I just wish parents would let their children do what they want to do and let them learn through the many learning experiences we are given throughout the course of our lives!