Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Homeless Guy

I just found a new blog that I'm loving. His name is Kevin Barbieux. He's from Nashville Tennessee and he is homeless.

I know when some folks hear the word "homeless" they think of panhandlers and such. But, wasn't Jesus homeless? How could we let these folks know they matter to God? With jobs as scarce as they are, not everyone has money to give. What else can we do besides give money? Would time make a big enough difference? How can our children get involved? Kevin got me thinking of all of these things.

I haven't gotten far enough into his blog to find out the circumstances that surround his homelessness, but have read far enough to discover that he is a great writer. I found myself laughing and crying at some of his posts & comments.

I've never volunteered directly with the homeless. I've made quilts for kids to take when they stay in the mission. I've also given all of my career wear to our local mission's Dress for Success program. But, Kevin's placed it on my heart to think about other ways I can serve. With three little kids it is hard to pay for sitting, but I'm sure there's a need I can fill.

Kevin blogs by using a laptop given to him at various locations (coffee shops, library). I encourage you to read his blog. There's even a spot to send him funds via Pay Pal if that's something you can do.


Heather Stevens said...

how do you find all these blogs???

Heather Stevens said...

you still have that free babysitting coupon I gave you for Christmas......