Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm not surprised...

I took a pregnancy test this morning....seems my hubby should have went in and had his sperm count checked when he had the chance. You think we'll have another girl?


MCC said...

HA HA HA....very funny right?

I think I'd lose my mind at the thought of one more PMS -ing girl in my home.

Happy April Fool's Day!

Jen Cook said...

I knew it was an april fools joke. esp. since I was going to do the same thing to you~

Heather Stevens said...

Nuh uh! I totally thought you were serious!! That's not fair:(....:)

I actually can't babysit on the 6th:( I have a track meet, it's an NIC meet (whatever that means:) Do you have any sooner that you need a babysitter for??

These are the dates of my meets:
April 2,12,15,19,22,25,29
May 6,13,20,30
Those last 3 in May are tentative...I don't know for sure if I will run them because it's for Varsity and I am battling another girl for the spot...so I might be running...and I might not..

Will you guys be at church Saturday?
See you later!!
ps...I really can't babysit for you on the 6th, It's not an April Fool's trick..I wish!!

Heather Stevens said...

Wow...That was a long comment!!

Anonymous said...

Mandy! I about pee-ed(sp?) myself! Yikes!