Friday, April 25, 2008

Family night.

Last night we had a a Luau themed family night. We invited a newly married couple, Dustin & Allison, over to party with us.

The kids had a blast learning to hula via a DVD from the library. It was a hula workout for beginniners video...they didn't know the difference. Notice Campbell digging for gold. Cute huh? =P

We had fruit salsa & chips and coconut shrimp for appetizers. I made spicy chicken kabobs, beef & pineapple kabobs & fried long rice for dinner. For dessert we had peanut butter & macadamia nut brownies. Here are a few pics a remembered to snap before it was all gone.

Cyra decorated with beach towels, fresh pineapples and check out her toilet paper roll & construction paper palm trees. So cute.

My favorite part was the punch bowl. I froze a little bit of water in a smaller bowl and when it almost frozen, I put a few island figurines. It looked like a little island floating in our punch. If only I had made blue punch!

And after kids went to bed. We enjoyed an "adult dessert".


Rebecca said...

that looks like a fun family night! love that you had a theme. those palm trees are adorable and your girls are beautiful!

MCC said...

Thank you...we think they're pretty stinkin' cute!

The theme was fun. We're going to do one each month w/ a differnt theme.

I'll post pics.

Lisa said...

What a fun idea!

Jen Cook said...

looks like you had a fun night!

Anonymous said...

Is this the night you had a nice little drink for me?

Looks delicious!

MCC said...

Kyle - yep that's the night. I had 1 shot SoCo, 1 shot Peachtree w/ OJ. I have a drink every 6 months or so. I'm such a goody two shoes.