Saturday, April 5, 2008

Come on over!

Yesterday (about 3) I got a phone call from an aquaintance / friend. I know her, but I don't KNOW her. She was having a rough day and it was obvious that she had popped the cork on a bottle of Merlot before calling me.

She said "I wanna get my drink on. I know you don't drink, but can I come drink on your couch and then you can drive me home." "Sure." I said.

OK - telling that story is pointless, except it was kind of funny to have someone ask if they can get shnockered on your couch.

THIS is my point of this post:
Last November I went to Oregon to visit my Dad in the hospital after his heart surgery. I stayed at a girlfriend's house...she has 3 dogs, and 9 cats. I didn't know about the 9 cats or I wouldn't have stayed. When I walked into her home she said "You'd tell me if my house smelled like dog rigth?" "Oh yeah! It's smells just fine!" I was lying. It really smelled awful. I can't describe the burn in my eyes. I spent most of my time finding things to do to not just hang out there.

So this friend comes over last nigt. She has severe allergies and I have a small furry friend that has lots of hair that ends up on my floor, couch a.k.a. she sheds a lot. I noticed my friends eyes looking red about 2 hours into her visit (It lasted for 1 bottle of Merlot and 4 hours). I was worried. I asked her if my house smelled like dog. " smells great!" I hope she's more honest than me.

I need someone to come over and do a smell test. Please. I pay with sweets.

This was taken with my old camera phone. It was crap.


Wawa said...

Well, there is smelling your dog and then "dog smell" which are different. If she's highly allergic though it doesn't matter how clean your house is.

I have the same question for people about our cat. They claim they don't smell it. I hope that's true, I work hard for it not to have that cat smell. Though, I've noticed when you get more than one pet it's really hard not to have a smell there. Which is why I always tell my husband no to more than one pet!!

Heather Stevens said...

Thanks...Hope you have fun at your cook out tonight! We might drop by during the week to say hi and wish Kenady a happy birthday!!

Ps...I don't think your house smells like dog..she doesn't even smell:)