Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I am a Candy-proclaimed Ebay expert.

I have attended Ebay University (insert proud feeling here), and learned some great things about how to sell to your target audience. How to get the most for your ebay fees. And most importantly how to increase your sell through rate.

This morning, my friend Candy says I'm crazy over ebay. She was looking for the Wii sports bundle. She unsuccessfully bid on one, but lost. I volunteered my services for the second try.

First I looked up the few that were ending within 10 min. I read their feedback, description, return policies etc. When I found the best one, I look at the bid history. This tells you how intense the bidders are. If there is a bidding war going on etc.

I have Candy on the bidding page ready. All she has to click is "confirm bid". I wait until there is around 6-8 seconds left and yell "OK NOW!" She won! And for $10 less than her max bid. It really ticks those involved in the bidding war to have someone come out of the blue and "win" instead of them.

When I do it at home, I open up several windows to compare products, timing, pricing.

It didn't cross my mind that people wouldn't take their Ebay purchases as seriously as I do. I think I can blame this on my OCD.

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Jen Cook said...

Thats funny. I get stressed out when I bid on ebay, so I rarely do. I also get stressed selling on ebay too. I hate the waiting game.