Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's dump day...

Ok, that doesn't sound so good. I was trying to play on words (hump day), it sounds kinda gross. I'll try and think of something else for next week.

I've been reading several blogs lately and my favorite post recently has been from Terrace Crawford. He does a manic Monday minute. He just types whatever is going through his brain. It's very intriguing.

Here's my Wednesday version:

~My sweet puppy is sitting at my feet.
~She really needs a bath.
~And her teeth brushed...blech!
~Cash cow is the game of the day on Webkins.
~I like Goober's lab better.
~Campbell just fell down the stairs.
~She's ok "It was cary!" (scary)
~I'm so sick of hearing Dora saves the Mermaids as background noise in my house.
~At least it's not kids screaming.
~Girl Scouts cookies are in.
~I only have about 60 boxes to deliver.
~Correction, Cyra has 60 boxes to deliver.
~What's for dinner tonight?
~Last night was chicken ala king.
~Maybe mexcian lasagna tonight?
~The Schwan's man just rang the door bell.
~Their stuff is too expensive.
~And full of salt & fat.
~Why can't they seem to get a good looking Schwan's man in Granger?
~Not that it makes the food taste better or the prices cheaper.
~Melinda stopped by.
~We talked about tornadoes.
~She asked why I feared them so.
~Is she kidding?
~Kids can run to the basement pretty quickly.
~But who's gonna run all of my precious china down those stairs before "Twister Bertha" hits my house?
~Why are tornadoes named after women?
~Come to think of it almost all natural disasters are...
~Must have been a man's idea.

Ok - that's what's going on in my head right now. Stay tuned for next week's version. Hopefully I can think of a better name for my new weekly installment. I am willing to entertain ideas.

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Terrace Crawford said...


Thanks for the shout-out. Great Wednesday dump! I liked it. Its funny because I read over on the ChurchMarketingSucks blog that mind-dumps are NOT good for blogs. I commented on their post and told them that its actually 'the most popular' post I do... at least based on the comments I get from people on (and off) the blog.

By the way, Samoas are my fave Girl Scout cookie. I try to stay away from them though (in keeping with my goals for the year). ;-)

Hope to visit Granger sometime in the future. I just love what you guys are doing @ Granger Church.