Thursday, January 31, 2008

Party ideas?

I usually start planning my kids' birthday parties the day after their birthday. I love to plan ahead! Because their parties tend to be expensive, we are only doing them on the even years. Cyra just had her 8th, so she won't have another until she's 10.

I was looking up ideas for Hannah Montana parties, Movie Star parties etc. I have a general idea, but was looking for something over the top for her 10th.

I typed in "10 year old birthday parties"...that let me to a site of a woman looking for info for her daughter's 16th b-day. Curious, I opened her link. It was NOT about her daughter's birthday. I tried quickly to shroud Kenady's eyes and shut everything down.

It's disguisting that so many porn websites are linked to such innocent searches. I was looking for party ideas. Problem being, it's not a swinger party.

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