Monday, January 28, 2008

Kid commissions

I thought I'd let you know that our kid commission system is working great! The girls have a chart that I print off each week that lets them track their chores. Cyra has 5 chores, Kenady had 3, but asked for another so she now has 4.

I decided to pay them once each week. I chose Sunday. I didn't want them to start an early habit of getting their money on a Friday or Saturday night and then (as teenagers/adults)blowing it all during the weekend.

Cyra is so good with her money. She takes her bills and change upstairs and sorts it. She'll calculate at least 10% for tithing and then splits the rest evenly between savings and spending. Although lately she's been puting more in savings. I'm so thankful that I started her so young!

Kenady puts hers in a big clear jar. She crumples it up first so she can see it grow faster. When it's full she gets to decide how much she wants to give to the church. I'm going to praise her whether it's $1 or $10. Just learning to give is a big deal at 4!

Campbell doesn't have any chores, but she has a little money in her jar from Christmas.

They are all saving for Disneyworld. They want to go to the bibbidi bobbidi boutique and it's around $200. If they save their birthday money, Christmas money and commissions...they could have a lot more than that. We decided that we would give them Disney dollars instead of gifts for the entire year. They received $10 in their stockings, they'll get some for Valentine's Day, Easter, Birthday, and loosing teeth. They are so cute and can be used for merchandise or food at Disney Store, Disneyland, and Disneyworld.

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