Thursday, January 17, 2008

A letter to my 15 year old self

My sister in law Jennifer posted a letter to herself at age 15. It sounds like it could be fun.

Dear teenage Mandy~

You need to calm down. You need to think before you act.

I realize you probably have no idea who you are, so you're running around between straight-A student who pretends not to be a straight-A student so the cool kids will like her. The reality is that they don't like you, they are pretending to be something they aren't just like you are (there are a few exceptions). The truth is, some of those popular kids are now living in a 5th wheel down by the river! Or they are divorced or have filed bankruptcy. Some of them are just counting the minutes until they can go out and party again. They are not cool like they were in H.S (even though they probably still think they are).

The good news is that you aren't really any of those things you pretended to be and the sooner you figure that out, the happier you'll be. You turn out to be a confident woman who is able to make good decisions with out questioning yourself because of your past.

It turns out you can be funny without hurting people's feelings or using foul language(insert jaw drop here). It turns out that straight-As in high school don't really matter much at all. It turns out that if you aren't the head cheerleader, your life ISN'T over.

Man, quit with all those boyfriends. Being single at 17 does not equal a lifetime of unlovable loneliness.

This sucks to say, but yeah. It turns out high school really will be one of the worst times of your life. You aren't being dramatic, even though your mom thinks you are. This also sucks to say, but moms aren't always right. You'll figure that out on April 19th 1997. Which is when life goes from "great" to "really really really awesomely great."

Speaking of moms. On Saturday May 31st 2003, your mom will complain of a headache. Turn around and drive her to the hospital. If for some reason that is impossible, then make sure you give her a big hug and tell her "I love you". It will be the last time. And you will make it without her. In fact, you thrive.

Make sure when your brother comes home from college, you let him know that it hurts your feelings when he makes fun of your big butt. Remind him to take a good look in the mirror while standing sideways. =)

Try to be a better friend. It will pay off! You shouldn't gossip about friends or betray their trust. It will suck your friendship well dry. I promise that you do end up learning your lesson, but not without a lot of loss along the way.

Important - don't give up dancing. It is what makes you who you are. It feeds you. You'll come back to it, but it's not easy to do at 30. YES! You do live to be 30. I know you questioned that many times. You also end up having an amazing husband, and 3 drop dead gorgeous daughters that will give you a taste of your own medicine.

Love, Mandy

P.S. If one day, hypothetically speaking, you happen to own a REALLY EXPENSIVE handbag, don't leave it in the shopping cart at Safeway.


Jen Cook said...

Yours is cheeky, fun!! I love it! Interestingly enough the 31st is the day your mom was watching nicholas for us, the last time she did.
You ARE thriving, and you are an incredible friend, mother, sister and wife.

Heather Stevens said...

Heeyy!! I miss you guys sooooo much!! It feels like i haven't seen you in forever, even though i just saw you on Saturday:) Your blog is really good, you're a great writer!! I miss you guys!!
Love Heather

Anonymous said...

Sniffle, Sniffle. That was great.

Anonymous said...

Wait what happened on April 19th 1997, was that when you got married?

MCC said...

Yes, I got married on April 19th. My Mom wasn't real excited about the marriage, but I knew all along that Ross was the one.

Worlds Greatest Mommy said...


I've got some people I was jealous of, who live in vans by the river, too.