Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's dump day...

Sorry - I had no suggestions for a new name. So until are stuck with it.

I missed doing this yesterday. Hectic day with Girl Scouts stuff.

*I found a new light fixture for our entryway.
*Ross has to set up scaffolding to get it up there (18 ft).
*While you're up should paint.
*I should go to Menard's to look at paint chips.
*That is the dumbest name for a store.
*I drove past it on Monday and someone had stolen the "R"
*Immediately called Ross and had a good laugh.
*Drove out the the Girl Scout store and spent over $100.
*Had all of the girls over on Tuesday.
*Learned about eating healthy.
*Hard to do during cookie season.
*I desperately need to go grocery shopping, but the weather is yucky.
*I don't mind driving in the snow.
*The Excursion has NO problems doing so.
*I just hate putting kids into snow gear.
*They complain about having to wear it in the store.
*I think I'll go tonight.
*Oh wait, it's church night.
*Maybe tomorrow.
*Friday night spent at the market? I'm old.
*I wish I was going to dance class.
*Too much money to sit around for most of the dancing.
*No partner. =(
*Ross says someday he will.
*Not counting on it.
*I should just learn the guy part so I can dance with the girls.
*I've kept my NY resolutions, for the most part.
*Only 2 sodas, no Pepsi.
*My office is slowly getting there.
*My pants are looser.
*Did any of you used to wear parachute pants?
*I had red ones.
*I wore them on the first day of 3rd grade.
*I also had hammer pants.
*I wore them for 8th grade graduation.

*My mom allowed me to express myself with clothes, hoping I wouldn't drink or use drugs.
*It worked. I still don't!
*Her motto was "If you've got it, flaunt it."
*THAT lead to a whole other list of problems.
*There aren't words to describe my Mom.
*Love her and miss her.

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